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Focusing on Education to Raise Our Level of Service

Quality health care and access to vital emergency medical service when needed is a part of what makes the North Fork valley such a special place to live. In 2018 the voters put the first public funding in place to sustain quality ambulance service in our valley.  In July of 2019 the crew from the non-profit, all-volunteer North Fork Ambulance transitioned to become the providers for North Fork EMS.

In the two short years that have followed, North Fork EMS has been successful in obtaining grants to replace equipment and two aging ambulances, as well forming the upcoming Community Paramedicine program. The agency has also focused on raising the level of education and training of their providers to provide this essential, lifesaving emergency service. North Fork EMS now has two full-time ALS (Advanced Life Support) providers. The balance of the team works as On-Call crew members, responding from home or work to stations in Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford. The On-Call crew is made up of 7 Paramedics, 25 EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), and 5 EMRs (Emergency Medical Responders). Just finishing school this summer, several North Fork EMS crew members are advancing to the Paramedic and EMT levels. New additions to the crew starting as drivers will have the opportunity to take the EMR class.

“Service to the community” remains the foundation of this ambulance service, as it’s founding members intended in 1969. The agency has grown and expanded as necessary to meet the demands and expectations of our community. Thanks to public support, North Fork EMS is thriving and will be here for future generations.  


Significant US 50 road detours and closures start the week of April 19

MONTROSE & GUNNISON COUNTIES – Construction on the US 50 Little Blue Creek Canyon 4-mile critical safety improvement project began mobilization this week, with roadway closures and detours starting the week of April 19. The project location is between Montrose and Gunnison (Mile Points 123 -127) and is approximately 30 miles from each community. The project, a priority for improving safety along the US 50 corridor, is estimated to be complete by November 4, 2022. The most impactful construction, roadway, and traffic operations are anticipated to take place during the first year. Click here to continue reading.

For more information on road construction in our area please click here.

Local detour map