Community Paramedicine

North Fork EMS understands that healthcare does not end when you leave the doctor’s office or when you get discharged from the hospital.  We have developed a Community Paramedicine (CP) program to help you navigate the complex nature of your needs and to help you stay in your home.

Our specially trained providers deliver short-term care in your home.

-Do you have an upcoming medical procedure? Will you need equipment or transportation when you come home?

-Have you been to the ER within the last year or know someone who has? Do you feel you are able prevent another visit?

-Do you or a loved one have a medical concern you cannot manage?

-Can you afford your heating and cooling? Food? Insurance?  Prescriptions medications? Medical Supplies?

We work with you and your healthcare team to provide FREE in-home services such as:

  • Follow-up care to bridge the gap between hospital or ER discharge and the onset of Home Health or other home services
  • Medical needs - lab draws, wound care, EKG, BG, vitals, & wellness checks
  • Chronic disease education and medication education
  • Arranging transportation to medical appointments
  • Connecting you with local resources to help you stay comfortably in your home

There is no charge for our service.

It is easy to refer yourself or a loved one or request services through any Provider, Specialist or Health Navigator.

Sometimes, you aren’t quite sure what you need. We are trained to help you figure that out.

The North Fork Community Paramedicine Program uses mobile resources to deliver care and services to patients in their home, in coordination with their primary care physician. By treating patients in their homes Community Paramedicine can reduce the overall stress on our healthcare system. This decreases the number of unnecessary 911 calls, lessens hospital readmissions and ER visits, and gets the patients access to the care and resources they need.

Please use our referral form or just give us a call.

Photo of Three Community Paramedicine providers standing by the back of a vehicle with the Start of Life visible.

For a Referral Form, please follow this link:

Community Paramedicine/CARES Referral Form

What is Community Paramedicine?

Community paramedicine is a relatively new and evolving healthcare model using existing highly trained paramedics with Community Paramedicine Licensure to operate in expanded roles by assisting with public health, primary healthcare and preventative services to underserved populations in the community. Our goal is to improve access to care and avoid duplicating existing services.

Community Paramedicine generally focuses on:

  • Providing and connecting patients to primary care services
  • Completing post hospital follow-up care
  • Integration with local public health agencies, home health agencies, and other providers
  • Providing education and health promotion programs
  • Not duplicating available services in the community




Anyone can file a complaint with Colorado Department of Health and Environment concerning:

  • Quality of care.
  • Patient/resident rights.
  • Building and equipment safety.

How to File a Complaint