Medical ID Program

North Fork EMS is offering MyID medical ID bracelets, wristband sleeves and sticker kits to the North Fork Valley as part of their Injury Prevention Program. MyID products allow users to create a personalized medical profile that first responders can access anytime, anywhere during an emergency.

Each medical ID product comes with three access points where first responders can retrieve a patient’s medical profile- a QR code, 24/7 live operator, and website access. Users fill in their medical profile with information they choose including emergency contacts, vital conditions, medications, allergies, DNR, medical documents and more. As much or as little information can be uploaded and multiple products can be linked to a user’s profile.

The medical ID bracelets, wristband sleeves and sticker kits described below are offered to the community at 50% off the retail value. The cost savings for North Fork Valley residents are funded by North Fork EMS and the North Fork Ambulance Auxiliary. If you’d like to order a MyID product, please print and fill out the order form provided below. Payment and forms can be mailed to the North Fork Ambulance Headquarters at 110 E. Hotchkiss Ave., Hotchkiss, CO 81415 or placed in the green drop box by the front door. If you leave your order form and payment in the green box, please e-mail or call Katie at the contact below as we do not regularly check the box. Checks can be made out to North Fork EMS. Please note that orders are limited to North Fork Valley residents.

For any questions, please contact Katie at or 970-201-3423.

Click on the link below for the product order form.

MyID Product Order Form

The Sport Medical ID Bracelet is 100% waterproof and is made from lightweight medical grade silicone. We are unable to do custom color orders. See the sizing chart to determine your size. $12 each

The Sleeve Medical ID is waterproof and made of flexible surgical grade silicone and is about the width of a quarter. A good way to check if it fits your watch or band is to hold a quarter up to it. We are unable to do custom color orders. $10 each

The Medical ID Sticker Kit comes with 4 vinyl stickers, all with the same ID and PIN to be used to access one profile. Stickers are great for a helmet, phone, bike, fridge, and more. 3 small stickers: 1” x 0.7” \ 1 large sticker: 1.75” x 1.15”  $5 per kit